Way back in the early 1980s, Greenacre Baptist Church decided that they had the vision and the facilities to start a primary school to be a feeder school to Christian Community High School which had been operating since 1975. In February 1985, GBCCS opened its doors under the leadership of Mrs Kathleen Toussaint who would be principal for two years.

Mr Ross Crothers led the school for an amazing twenty years in which the school grew to become a single stream primary school of around 200 students. Mr Crothers retired at the end of 2006. He oversaw the development of new buildings for all classes and a library that catered for the school’s needs. With ESL and Support staff, the school looked after a range of student needs to a high level, resulting in excellent NAPLAN results and a very positive reputation.

In January 2007, Mr Ken McCarron, the current principal, commenced at GBCCS. Mr McCarron had previously been the foundation principal of Christian Schools in Swan Hill (Victoria) and in Grafton where the school continued from its initial primary school beginnings to be a flourishing K-12 school during his tenure.

In 2011, parents made a request to commence a secondary school that would allow students to continue their education in the same wonderful culture of the primary school. Eighteen months later, in January 2013, the school commenced its first secondary classes. In the subsequent years, the school has grown by one grade each year to the first Year 12 group in 2018.

Despite a great academic record, the strongest feature of the school is its Christian focus. The spiritual traditions of the primary school such as daily devotions and a weekly chapel service have continued into the high school and these are a feature of weekly school life. This has culminated in the school offering a mission-based trip to Cambodia for Year 10 students which started with the first cohort going to that country in March 2016. It has been a wonderful success as students work hard to serve the people of the town of Siem Reap and nearby villages. In just under two weeks, the students have a life-changing experience but also help change the lives of others.

The coming years will see the establishment of a whole new range of special features as the skills and interests of a great staff become part of GBCCS culture.

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