GBCCS Carnival

Once again the first whole school activity was the swimming carnival held at the Greenacre Pool on Friday 5th February. After a cold morning with a cloudy morning with a few drops of rain, it turned out to be a sunny day and despite the cool water temperatures, participation was pleasing.

The winning house this year was Booth House whose name is now on the shield for the second time. Booth House previously won the swimming carnival in 2014.


Age Champions 2016

9 years old – Jessica Yang and Christopher Truong
10 years old – Noah Kim and Ian Song
11 years old – Iris Yan and Daniel Lee
12 years old – Isabella Son and Luke Tang (Primary)
12 years old – Sabrina Kemala and Oliver Driscoll (Secondary)
13 years old – Lara Saad and Peter Jenner
14 years old – Camilla Medici and Isaak De Luca
15 years old – Hong-An Tran and Joki Schreiner


Zone Swimming (Primary)

A small team of about 25 students travelled to Prairiewood Leisure Centre for the zone carnival on Monday 15th February. Despite being the smallest school in attendance we were glad to be there as three schools in the zone didn’t attend this year. Equally pleasing was the wonderful efforts of the two junior relay teams that both finished fourth in the freestyle event.

Christopher Truong was the 9 years age champion on the day. Both Chris and Daniel Lee have progressed to the CSSA State Carnival. Well done boys!

There were a number of other great results:

Luke Tang (12 years) 4th – 50m freestyle; 5th – backstroke; 3rd – butterfly

Isabella Son (12 years) 4th – 50m freestyle; 5th – 50m breaststroke; 5th – backstroke; 3rd butterfly

Daniel Lee (11 years) 5th – 50m freestyle; 1st 50m breaststroke; 3rd – backstroke

Ian Song (10 years) 5th – 50m freestyle; 3rd 50m breaststroke

Christopher Truong (9 years) 2nd – 50m freestyle; 1st 50m breaststroke; 2nd – backstroke; 4th – individual medley

Dani Kim (9 years) 4th – 50m freestyle; 4th – backstroke

Jessica Yang (9 years) 3rd – 50m breaststroke