Every year Greenacre has had the opportunity to participate in the Christian Inter-school Debating Competition.  Students from Year 5 and 6 are chosen to represent our school and in turn have the chance to win the CIDCOM Debating Shield.  This year, the team competed against a number of other schools and was composed of four very passionate individuals who were dedicated and driven to do their very best.  Victoria, Lara, Issey and Jennifer worked together as a team and brought home the Grand Final Shield for Greenacre this year!

The final debate, held on Friday 14th August, was against Regents Park who were undefeated from the first round of debating. The topic that was being debated was ‘Libraries are obsolete’.  Greenacre Baptist was the negative team, they argued that Libraries are not obsolete and never will be.

Victoria opened our argument with a solid definition of libraries being a repository of information elaborating on the fact that our focus was not only on the physical structure but more so on the virtual library.

Lara continued with the insight that not everything is available on the Internet. She developed her case with the fact that anyone has access to uploading false information online.

Jennifer brought the team home with the statement, “In this day an age, the physical structure of the library is important but the virtual library is essential.  In no way does the virtual hub replace the physical structure itself, instead it enhances the structure as it give us access to boundless plains of information”.

We can’t forget to mention our exceptional fourth speaker Issey who was a bundle of activity each debate as she looked for flaws in her opponents’ argument. At times during the debating season Issey made a big difference to her team’s rebuttal and eventual victories in some close contests.

It was a close competition as Regents Park presented a strong case.  In saying that, Greenacre had strong rebuttals and used the definition of the topic to their advantage.  At the end of the day, Greenacre were the champions and well deserved after all of the hard work the girls have put in throughout Term 2 and 3.  Thank-you parents and teachers who have supported us this year! We are so pleased with the outcome and look forward to building an awesome team for next year.  Excellent work team!