GBCCS Carnival

This year’s GBCCS carnival was another wonderful whole school community occasion well organised by Mrs Datta and Mr Jelliffe. It was held on Tuesday 9th June with beautiful weather and possibly the best parent turn out in the school’s history. Many parents helped at events which is much appreciated by teachers. The winning house team on the day was¬†Court House, narrowly ahead of Booth.

The age champions for 2015 are:

8 years: Jessica Yang and Christopher Truong

9 years: Lisa Matar and Will Sun

10 years: Alice Medici and Daniel Lee

11 years: Sabrina Kemala and Oliver Driscoll

12 years (primary): Victoria Truong and Peter Jenner

12 years (secondary): Gabriela Da Silva and Nathan Smallwood

13 years: Cathrine Aneke and Isaias Sette

14 years: Suzanne Kim and Anthony Dalleh

15 years: Kayla Saad and Nikola Vucetic


Zone Athletics

This year we have received our best ever zone results. Eleven primary and seven secondary students qualified for the respective CSSA state carnivals. It’s a fabulous result and for those who have attended the weekly Athletics Club on Tuesday afternoons it has been a great reward for hard work.

Primary Best Results

Jacinta Dalleh (11 years): 2nd in discus

Alexandra Dobros (10 years): 1st in relay

Oliver Driscoll (11 years): 1st in 100m, 200m, 800m long jump, high jump; 2nd in 400m, shot put

Lusita Haumono (11 years): 3rd in turbo-jav

Viliami Haumono (10 years): 2nd in shot put

Peter Jenner (12 years): 1st in turbo-jav; 3rd in long jump

Julie Kang (10 years): 1st in relay

Shekinah Lowe (10 years): 1st in relay

Alice Medici (10 years): 1st in 200m, 400m, relay; 2nd in 100m

Benjamin Powell (11 years): 1st in shout put; 3rd in high jump

Lachlan Tang (9 years): 2nd in 400m

Luke Tang (11 years): 3rd in 400m

Victoria Truong (12 years): 3rd in 400m

Iris Yan (10 years): 1st in discus


Secondary Best Results

Cathrine Aneke (13 years): 1st in 100m, 200m, relay; 2nd in discus

Stacey Driscoll (13 years): 1st in relay

Claudine Voican (13 years): 1st in relay

Caitlin Rinaldi (13 years): 1st in relay

Anthony Dalleh (14 years): 2nd in 100m, long jump

Hong-An Tran (14 years): 2nd in shot put

Suzanne Kim (14 years): 2nd in discus; 2nd in javelin

Nikola Vucetic (15 years): 3rd in long jump


CSSA State Athletics

Primary Results

The best results were Peter Jenner (12 years turbo-jav) and Oliver Driscoll (11 years 400 metres) where both boys won their events. Peter was able to achieve a new carnival record throw of 35.4 metres. Unfortunately, neither event is contested at the next level (Combined Independent Schools) so that will be the end of primary school athletics this year for both boys who are in Year 6. Well done Peter and Oliver!

Secondary Results

There were some impressive results at the secondary state carnival. Cathrine Aneke came first in both the 100m and 200m events in the 13 years age group.  Anthony Dalleh finished third in the 14 years long jump. Cathrine was also a member of the relay team in that age group which finished second in the 14 years event. The other team members were Stacey Driscoll, Claudine Voican and Caitlin Rinaldi.