GBCCS’s annual cross country was held at Bicentennial Park on Friday 15th May. It was a terrific day with glorious weather and students with a genuine desire to do their best. We are very proud of the efforts of all students from Years 3-9.

The winning House team was BOOTH followed by Liddell in second place. Well done to all teams!

The following students have qualified for the CSSA State Cross Country to be held at the Sydney Equestrian Centre on Friday 29th May:


9 years: Lisa Matar, Noah Kim, Grace Ang, Erin Kwon, Joel Tilaye, Lachlan Tang, Lucas Smallwood, Christopher Truong

10 years: Alice Medici, Hannah Koutelas, Shekinah Lowe, Evi Dobros, Daniel Lee, Thomas Powell, Jamie Sia, Joseph Lee

11 years: Jasmine Kim, Phoebe Tilaye, Jennifer Pilarinos, Jacinta Dalleh, Oliver Driscoll, Benjamin Powell, Luke Tang, Jackson Thomas

12 years: Victoria Truong, Christina Bechara, Natasha Josanto, Joy Ibrahim, Nathan Zeinoun, Peter Jenner, Timothy O’Connell, Samuel Meneghini


12 years: Savannah Thomas, Iliana Saba, Gabriela Da Silva, Nathan Smallwood, Joseph Alo, Matthew Gardiner

13 years: Camila Medici, Cathrine Aneke, Geomira Monteiro, Chloe Power, Isaias Sette, Isaak De Luca, James Koh, Joshua Boswell

14 years: Suzanne Kim, Hong-An Tran, Vy Truong, Gianna Bernardo, Anthony Dalleh, Ethan Rebolledo, Jaden Eades, Matthew Zeinoun

15 years: Kayla Saad, Rebeca Mendoza, Nikola Vucetic, Ryan Moon, Aaron Glossop


CSSA Cross Country

On Friday 29th May, the team headed to the Sydney Equestrian centre for the CSSA State Cross Country. In most of the races there were over 200 students in each race. Three GBCCS students finished in the top fifty runners this year.

Lisa Matar: 9th in the 9 years race

Nathan Smallwood: 26th in the 12 years (secondary) race

Oliver Driscoll: 42nd in the 11 years race


CIS Cross Country

Lisa Matare qualified for the Combined Independent Schools cross country after her success at the CSSA event that was held on Thursday 11th June at the Eastern Creek Raceway.

Lisa Matar came 75th at the CIS cross country!