Friday 28th November was an amazing day – the first time GBCCS has had an all grades orientation on the same day. The 2015 Kindergarten class spent a half day with Mrs Lo Surdo and members of the Support Staff. This group is going to be a wonderful addition to the school in 2015. The current Kindergarten class moved up to Year 1 for the day and each primary class was able to spend the day with their new teachers. New students across all grades were welcomed and it was a whole school mufti day so nobody felt like an intruder.

GBCCS has nine new students in Year 7 in 2015 and they joined the continuing children in experiencing a secondary timetable. The students enjoyed moving between rooms for each new class. Some activities undertaken included Drama, Science, Japanese, History, PE, Maths and Technology. Year 8 also enjoyed some new activities and had a taste of their new Technology strand for 2015 by taking on some cooking with Mrs Mardini. They also enjoyed a session with Drama teacher Mrs Wright. Not to be outdone, Year 9 moved through a double period of each of their three electives and enjoyed a great time. Electives for 2015 include Food Technology, Physical Activity & Sports Studies, Multimedia, Drama, Design & Technology (in Graphics, Textiles and Engineering), Commerce, Music and Information & Software Technology.